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Hutch Clinic DOC TALK airs the 2nd and 4th Saturday's of each month at 8:05 am on KWBW radio. Each show, Dr. Tim Crater interviews another doctor from the Hutchinson Clinic about their practice and new medical developments. If you miss the show on the radio, you can listen to a previous show below.

Dr. Shannon Haenel visits with Dr. Tim Crater about developing relationships and what is on the horizon in cancer care. 

Dr. Crater visits with Dr. Stephen Marshall about skin conditions, the importance of skin cancer prevention, and how to care for your summer skin. 

Brooke Stover explains to Dr. Crater about how the Workplace Wellness Program benefits companies and their employees.

Dr. Verlin Janzen talks about MACRA and how electronic medical records have revolutionized the practice of medicine. 

Dr. Kay Hart explains how families can better prepare when loved ones need to transition into a higher level of care like a nursing home.

Hear from Dr. Crater and Dr. Mallonee about how the Hutchinson Clinic is a part of a network that offers quick action and effective treatments for stroke patients.

Learn about the differences of hospice and palliative care with Dr. Crater and Dr. Mark Yackley.

Dr. James Lairmore chats with Dr. Crater about how medical advancements have led to joint replacements lasting years longer.

Dr. Scott Goin and physical therapist Mark Hall speak to Dr. Crater about how effective interdepartmental communication benefits the patient. 

Listen as Dr. Crater speaks with orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Kain about the spine program and the services provided by its team of experts.  

Dr. Crater talks with Dr. Fadi Estephan about the importance of cancer prevention services and the improvements in cancer treatments. 

Learn about Clinical Trials, and what is happening right here in Hutchinson with Dr. Tim Crater and Hutch Clinic Ancillary Services Director Justin Jensen.

Dr. Scott Clarke is a surgeon at the Hutch Clinic. in this episode of Doc Talk, he and Dr. Crater talk about the latest developments in surgery.

Dr. Tim Crater talks with Hutch Clinic ENT Dr. Mathew Voorman about his recent arrival in the Hutchinson area, and the latest in treatment for ear, nose and throat problems.

In this episode, Dr. Crater talks with internist Dr. James Ruhlmann about a new hospitalist program, and exciting developments regarding common medications.



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