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Flu Shot Clinic Schedule

Monday, September 26th 
Waldron campus Walk-In Care, 8am-8pm

Tuesday, September 27th
Waldron campus Walk-In Care, 8am-8pm
South Hutchinson Walk-In Care, 8am-5pm

Wednesday, September 28th
Waldron campus Walk-In Care, 8am- 8pm

Thursday, September 29th
Waldron campus Walk-In Care, 8am-8pm
McPherson Walk-In Care, 8am-5pm

Friday, September 30th
1100 North Main Street Walk-In Care, 8am-5pm

The addresses to our Walk-In Care locations can be found here.  If you have any questions, please call (620) 669-2500.





Hutchinson Clinic PHARMACY

The Hutch Clinic Pharmacy offers free prescription delivery within Hutchinson city limits, and free out of town mail service for all prescriptions. Enjoy the convenience of getting your prescriptions filled as you leave your doctor's appointment.

Call (620) 663-9542 for the Pharmacy, and order prescriptions after hours using our voice mail system. 

As hometown girls of Hutchinson, learn more about Dr. Kempke and Dr. Nordwald and the services they provide