Internships and Student Observation

Helping students begin their careers in health care is a priority for the Hutch Clinic. We schedule observation, shadowing and internships for students, so they can spend time with providers and in clinical settings. 

All students requesting time to shadow or observe providers and students requesting clinical rotations must submit this online application one week prior to the start date. Any student under the age of 18 will be considered for shadowing or observation privileges on a case by case basis

Students will need to provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • TB test and other required immunizations

  • Proof of HIPAA training or HIPAA document and completed test (available at the end of student observer online form).

  • Physician and/or practice they are requesting to observe.

  • Required hours needed

  • Requested start date

  • School affiliation

  • Verification that observation is a requirement of educational curriculum.

Students are encouraged to contact the department they wish to observe to make the request. 

Important: Departments have limits on student observers. Not all requests for observation can be fulfilled. 

Department Contacts:

Laboratory Department, Keeley Davis email or call 620.669.2747
Radiology Department, Jeremy Wondra email or call 620.669.2618
Ambulatory Surgery Center, Karie Bradley email or call 620.694.4498
Endoscopy Center, Lindsay Rayl email or call 620.694.2193
Nursing Department, Kelley Crawford email or call 620.669.2572
Nursing Department, Sarah Barkley email or call 620.669.2603
Oncology Department, Justin Jensen email or call 620.694.2143

The Human Resources Department will approve the department match and determine if the Hutch Clinic will be able to meet the student’s needs. The student will be notified of a decision.

Please fill out this form for consideration.  

Name *
Address *
Phone *
Contact Individual Phone
Contact Individual Phone
Requested Start Date *
Requested Start Date
Requested End Date *
Requested End Date

Please Read:

Student Observer Guideline

Student Observer HIPAA Education

Hutchinson Clinic Student Observer HIPAA Test

Note: If your observation requires any time spent at the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, those privileges will need to be obtained through the hospital.