ReNew You

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Phone Number:  (620) 694-4283
Location: 2nd Floor of the 2107 Building
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Medically Supervised Program (Available by physician referral)

  • ReNew You program offers healthy weight loss option
  • Dedicated coaches provide weekly support
  • Weight and measurement progress analysis

Learn valuable nutritional information to ensure you keep the pounds off and enjoy the renewed body shape, health and energy level you deserve.

ReNew You Overview

  • Initial consultation completed by a licensed health professional
  • You lose weight consistently
  • Structured plan is easy to follow 
  • No contract necessary
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements are required
  • Weight loss reduces insulin resistence
  • Complementary weekly weigh in

Phase 1 - Follow until goals are reached

3 ReNew You food packets per day, 1 lean meat serving, and 4 cups of vegetables
In phase 1, the program costs about $95 weekly.

Phase 2 - Follow for 1 week after goal met

2 ReNew You food packets per day, 2 servings lean meat, and 4 cups vegetables

Phase 3 - Follow for the next 2 weeks

1 or 2 ReNew You food packets and reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates and fats

Phase 4 - Maintenance for Life Ongoing Support

  • Monthly weigh-ins for 1 year
  • Available for questions and counseling

Questions?  Email us: