Two longtime McPherson doctors joining Hutch Clinic Mac location

By The Hutchinson News staff February 20, 2016

McPHERSON – Longtime McPherson doctors Brian and Tom Billings will soon be joining the Hutchinson Clinic, concentrating on care to the McPherson community.

Both doctors have provided care to McPherson patients for decades through their clinic, Associates in Family Care.

“We are fortunate to be able to bring two terrific doctors who are both well-known and well-respected in the McPherson community to the Hutch Clinic team,” Hutchinson Clinic CEO Mike Heck stated in a news release. “Both (men) will allow us to offer family care and additional walk-in expertise to all of our patients in McPherson, improving access to care.”

Both are graduates of Sterling College and the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita.

Dr. Brian Billings did his residency at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. He is certified with the American Board of Family Medicine and has been in practice in Great Bend and McPherson since 1997.

Dr. Tom Billings did his residency at KC General Hospital and Medical Center in Kansas City. Practicing medicine since 1967, he is licensed with the American Board of Family Medicine. He renewed his Family Practice Boards last year for a 10-year term.

For now, both doctors will continue to practice from their office at 400 W. Fourth St. in McPherson, where the Hutch Clinic also offers a variety of specialty medical services, as well as walk-in care.

Construction is underway on a new Hutch Clinic location at 601 N. Main St., next to the Genesis Health Club Center. The new facility is expected to open in April, and at that time, both doctors will move to the new facility and begin their official association with Hutchinson Clinic.

Until that time, the Billingses’ patients should continue to call them at (620) 241-5500. Patients will receive notification before the move.

“I am excited for the opportunity to join the Hutchinson Clinic,” Brian Billings stated. “I know that the additional services that are going to become locally available will benefit the McPherson community, as well as the hospital.”

The Hutchinson Clinic currently offers ear, nose and throat, dermatology, cardiology and oncology, as well as walk-in care at the Fourth Street location. Recently, Dr. Stefanie Kempke began accepting obstetrics-and-gynecology patients in McPherson.

Traci HansenComment